Monday, July 22, 2013

WoW Addons: pError

I’m a World of Warcraft fan, I love the game, I love the lore, I may not love the latest changes when it comes to gameplay and some mechanics, but with every new patch a new feature appears and it’s like a duty to try it out. And every time I install WoW, there are some addons that I NEED to have or I won’t play it, seriously. WoW without addons feels empty.


One of my favorites, and a not son known addon is pError. What it does is hide the annoying red error messages that appears when you can’t do something; you may be familiar with them:

  • There is nothing to attack
  • You have no target
  • Not enough rage
  • Ability is not ready yet
  • Can’t do that while moving
  • Interrupted

And so on…

pError can fix this by typing “/perror ERRORMESSAGE”:

  • /perror there is nothing to attack
  • /perror not enough rage
  • /perror interrupted

By doing this, the error will no longer appear, making your interface much cleaner and leaving space for those errors you really care about.


In case you want to restore an error (show it again), you need to go to your WoW folder (with the game already closed):


In there you need to open the pError.lua with the notepad and remove the errors you want to show again.


Remember that if you delete an entry, make sure that the number corresponds with the line in the DB. If the addon finds errors, it will use it’s backup and you just wasted your time.

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