Recommended Software

I consider myself a more than average user, and by that I mean that there are some software that I MUST have installed on every PC I sit or get in contact with. If you want a fast, secure, and useful PC (and you use Windows), you'll need these:

The main one, necessary in all cases, CCleaner.
This is an AIO software; temp cleaner, browser cleaner, explorer cleaner, startup items controller, uninstaller, disk wiper, file finder, Windows Restore manager, registry cleaner, and more.
If you don't have it already, install it.

Then, you need Defraggler.
Let me explain quickly (this is a gif, if it doesn't "play", try opening it in a new tab):

This will not only may increase your PC performance, but it can improve your disk lifespan.

Now that your PC is healthy, we need some music; VLC Player.

Yes, I know that there are thousands of different players, and some that have a better playlist or are faster than VLC. But VLC can play ALL codecs without the need of a codec software or anything. That's why I use it.

Ok, now we need Internet. Chrome and Firefox for you. These two are great, unlike IE, DON'T USE IE, NEVER.

And finally, a download manager. Again, there are thousands of these as well, but I can only go with the one that beat them all, jDownloader.

This is the best download manager ever. It can download almost anything; from file hosting sites to videos from most video hosting sites. It has a clipboard monitor, extensions, and is very easy to use. BUT, it can eat a lot of resources, so it's your call if you install it or not.

These are the programs that every user should have on their PCs. Extra software are optional.

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