Saturday, July 27, 2013

Disable notifications on Windows 8.1


Although I consider that notifications are great and useful, for desktop users that don’t use apps these are plain annoying. On W8 it was easy to disable them, (Settings > Notifications > Disable), but on W8.1 they changed the PC Settings menu allowing you to disable the notifications from two different path, one easier than the other (although they’re both very simple).

First, the fastest way to do it. Go to PC Settings (hover your mouse to the bottom right > Settings > PC Settings)


When launched, that first options that appear are called “Top Settings”, in there just go to the bottom and disable the notifications. Easy as hell.


As you can see, below that option there is a Link, you can either follow it manually on the left menu or click it to get to the main notifications area. You can also disable/enable the notifications here, as well modify it’s behavior and which apps can send notifications.


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