About the blog

Anything Unrelated, that is the name I choose for this blog. Why? Because nothing is true, everything is permitted.

But seriously, a blog can be either personal or a business. If it's a business it has specific rules, categories, or aspects that define what you're talking about. When it's personal you talk about you and your opinions.

But lately most blogs are a mix of the two of those, posts about something and a personal opinion about it. Being neutral is having no strong feelings one way or the other, but as persons, we may have strong feelings one way than the other. The main difference relies on how we choose to express those feelings.

What I'm aiming with this blog is talk a little about everything I know; knowledge, opinions, tricks, lifehacks, YSK, wisdom (if any), etc.. Why? Because I like to share. I like to teach. I like to get into debates. I like to express myself, which is something we all like to do.

In conclusion, don't expect a one-sided blog from a close-minded person, I'll try to stay away from those, as far and as long as possible.

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