Monday, July 22, 2013

Opting out from Google’s Interest-based ads

I like Google, the search is great, Gmail is great, Reader was great, and I understand that all of these services having ads, there’s where the money is coming from, but when ads are based on your browsing habits, personal interest, and basic information… well, I don’t like that. You may not be able to opt-out from Google using your browsing habits without using extensions, changing to DuckDuckGo or something, but you are able to opt-out from Google using your information to display custom ads.

Go to Settings for Google Ads. Scroll down to “Opt-out settings”. Click on “Opt-out”.


A message will appear with the text:

  • You'll still see ads after opting out of interest-based advertising. The ads will be less relevant.
  • You'll no longer be able to block specific advertisers.
  • Ads won't be based on your interests and may appear in other languages.
  • Your opt outs may not occur instantaneously.

If you still want to opt-out, click on “Opt-out” and you’re done. You should see the change on the site going something like this:


If you want your ads based on your interest, it’s your call. At the end I guess that it’s better than having random ads popping up from now on.

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