Monday, July 1, 2013

All Samurai X Opening and Endings themes ready to Download

samuraixI like anime, and one of my favorites is Samurai X. As a kid, it not only had an amazing timeline, plot, characters, and animation, it also had drama, action, comedy, and awesome openings and ending.

These have always been in my list of favorites, and since there is not that much sites listing the songs with the download links without ads and stuff like that, I decided to share them with everyone.

Here they are: (Format: Song Name – Singer/Band – Download links)

Opening 1 – Sobasaku by Judy and Mary                – Google Drive / Dropbox

Opening 2 - One Half by Makoto Kawamoto           - Google Drive / Dropbox

Opening 3 – Kimi ni fureru dake de by Curio          – Google Drive / Dropbox

Ending 1 – Tactics by The Yellow Monkey               – Google Drive / Dropbox

Ending 2 – Namida wa Shitte iru by Mayo SuzukazeGoogle Drive / Dropbox

Ending 3 - Heart Of Sword by T.M. Revolution        – Google Drive / Dropbox

Ending 4 - Fourth avenue cafĂ© by L'arc en ciel         - Google Drive / Dropbox

Ending 5 - It's Gonna Rain! by Bonnie Pink              - Google Drive / Dropbox

Ending 6 - 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou by Siam ShadeGoogle Drive / Dropbox

Ending 7 – Dame by Izumi You (AKA, Be-B)              - Google Drive / Dropbox

If you prefer the complete folder, here it is: Google DriveDropbox.

3 final things:

  1. In any case I missplaced a link or “miss-shared”, let me know.
  2. I do not own rights for any of these songs. If you like the singers, buy their albums.
  3. The list I took it from AnimeLyrics, any mistake, let me know as well.


  1. Thankkkkkksssss ! :D

  2. Gracias! Gran Aporte.

    Opening 3 – Kimi ni fureru dake de by Curio – Google Drive / Dropbox

    Ese link en el drive esta mal, en dropbox esta ok. Habia uno mas mal, pero no recuerdo cual.


  3. thanks a lot. you literally saved my life. most download sites don't bother with these masterpieces.