Monday, November 3, 2014

Disable CCleaner Monitoring

The latest release of CCleaner, although pretty nice and with Windows 10 support, has something I absolutely hate with all my being: active monitoring my pc.


At least the steps to disabling it are very simple and straight forward. With CCleaner open go to Options > Monitoring.

CCleaner Monitoring

Now is just as easy as unchecking the “Enable system monitoring” and “Enable Active Monitoring” options. BOTH OF THEM.

Disable monitoring

And that’s it, no more annoying CCleaner icon on the tray bar.

SoundSwitch: Easily Switch between playback devices

Sadly, I don’t live alone and most of the time I have to share my room with somebody. For this reason I was forced to buy my headphones in the first place; when I’m alone I use the speakers, when people is around the headphones. But sometimes people come and go and I’m forced to switch devices 2 or 3 times every 10 minutes.

Although this is easy to do, it is annoying after a while, and that’s why I found SoundSwitch.


This portable program allows you to switch playback devices with a hotkey, that I set to be CTRL+ALT+Z. In Settings you can check this.


Several important things to consider:

  1. Yes, there are alternatives, but this is portable and very light. I consider this to be necessary.
  2. Yes, it comes with adware, that’s why I uploaded a clean version to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. The portable version may show some errors because the ads are disabled, but it’ll work perfectly.

SoundSwitch switching

Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

Pretty short note here; for those of you who still use Windows Live Essentials, there is an offline version for it. The language of the package will be chosen by you when the download starts, and it supports around 65 languages.

Windows Live Offline

The package size can be between 130mb and 150mb, depending of the language. So if your data plan is limited, you better go with the online version.

Sadly, there is no probable upgrade for the package and the last version was is the 2012, although is still being updated, a 2015 version would be appreciated.

Anyway, since this is mostly a FYI, just go and download it. Writer and Movie Maker are still widely used and pretty simple for average users.