Wednesday, July 17, 2013

msvcp90.dll is missing? Here’s what to do

Have you seen this message?


I bet you have. And the worst part is that most users, average and technical ones, have no idea how to solve it other than re-installing Windows (yes, they literally do this). But these are dumb people who Google the error and then download the .dll file hoping that it works and resulting to be a virus… dumb people. For those who are stuck here, I bring you a solution.

msvcp90.dll stands for “MicroSoft Visual C++”, you can also find the error named as msvcr90.dll (as the image above), but they are part of the same thing: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. All you need to do is download that and install it, hopefully all will be fixed.

Note that to know that is a redist package problem it must have the format “msvc-90.dll”, msvc standing for what I said above, and 9.0 naming the version. That way you’ll know which version to download next time.

PS: Do not download .dll from anywhere. I repeat, DO NOT DOWNLOAD .DLL FILES. Install from scratch.

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