Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Attack on Titan, a fan-made game

You like games? I like games. You like anime or manga? I like anime and manga.

Yesterday I was checking my YouTube and there was a new one by Cr1TiKaL (I love Cr1TiKal, and you should too). The video was a gameplay and commentary of Attack on Titan, the game. Considering that is a fairly new anime, and a game is something that take months or even years of development, a game created this fast wouldn’t be that fun, right? Wrong.


Let me put it this way, this game, AOG (Attack on Game (?)), is pretty badass. It’s powered by Unity 3D engine, and it’s plain amazing. You can launch your tridimensional equipment to buildings, titans, and even the floor. You swords are exactly made to attack the weak spots and don’t do damage to the rest of the body.

Controls are simple, objective is simple, environment is simple. On the other hand, moving in the air while trying to kill and avoid titans at the same time… that’s fuckin’ hard. But it worth every second.

BTW, the controls (and it’s all you need to know) are:

  • R to restart.
  • Q and E send the cables left and right respectively.
  • Space sends both at the same time.
  • C changes the camera.
  • Hold Q and E for better results.
  • L changes the level.
  • The right click button does a downward attack.
  • Left shift is for jumping.
  • Left Ctrl is for dodging (kind of an evasive jumping).

Proceed to download the Unity Player, and then go to play, just go! You won’t regret it. Also, check this awesome video.

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