Saturday, July 13, 2013

Driver backup tools: What are they good for?

driverTL;DR: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Well, at least you do know what a driver backup tool is, right? If you don’t then you probably don’t know what a driver is either, so let’s start with that.

Drivers are those files that allow the operating system to use the devices that are currently installed/inserted on the motherboard. These drivers can be generic (installs automatically with the device or comes with the OS) or official ones (the ones you have to install manually to work).

Drivers and devices come in different shapes and colors, and they will vary depending on the brand that manufactures them. But they all have something in common, THEY HAVE A FUCKIN’ OFFICIAL WEBSITE. And this is what pisses me off, people, no, IT technicians won’t use the official sites because they are way too lazy, instead they use the old 2006 installation CD with a free copy of Norton AV, a driver backup tool, or even an automatic driver download tool. THESE THREE OPTIONS SUCK.

Let me explain further, “why driver backup tools are useless?” Well, as I said, you can know download updated drivers from official sources/websites, and in a lot of cases Windows Update will provide the most recent and compatible driver for your device.

“Why automatic driver download tools are useless?” If you didn’t read above, there are official websites for brands and Windows Update provides the best driver for your device.

Why installation CDs are useless?” Are you even paying attention? *sigh* Those installation CDs contain the drivers of your device when they where released; it’s 2013, if you bough your PC on 2010 that’s the driver you would be getting. AKA, it sucks.

Not only that, the first two are well known sources of malwares, spywares, and virus in general, claiming that updating your keyboard drivers are going to speed up your PC, which in this case is false. Maybe you can see a difference on your video card or sound card, but that’s quite a little “maybe” and probably a minimal difference. But that’s something to discuss another day.

Just remember to use official download sites:

There are a ton more, but these were the ones I though when typing this. If necessary, I may create a post including all brands and their official site, but that’s only if someone ask for it, otherwise I won’t.

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