Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Removing the ads from uTorrent

adsI love using torrents; they’re fast, easy to use, and great for downloading huge files. To download them you need a torrent client, and I use uTorrent because it’s light, fast, and simple. But let’s face it, the ads make it look horrible, and ads just can’t be trusted. For this, there is a quick and permanent fix

To remove the one on the bottom right, go to Options and uncheck Show Plus Information.


To remove the one on top of the torrents we need to go deeper. Go to Options > Preferences, or Ctrl+P, click on Advanced. You’ll see a bunch of entries and values, search for offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled, set it to false, restart uTorrent.


When you re-launch it, it will look like this. Ads are gone, and it looks pretty clean. Just the way a download manager should look.


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