Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Delete your account password on Windows using the Command Prompt

First of all, this trick only applies for users who somehow are inside their own sessions but forgot the password (yes, it happens). Using Windows’ user control panel, you can change it, but you need to know your previous one. So, if you don’t know it, here’s what to do.

Open the command prompt with admin privileges. (Windows Key + X > Command Prompt (Admin)).


Now, with the command open, type:

net user USERNAME *

In my case would be:

net user tato *


After typing the command hit enter. You’ll be asked to type your new password, don’t type anything, just keep hitting enter until the message “The command completed successfully” appears.


As far as I tested, this works only on your session and if you have and admin account. Since I don’t have any other accounts I don’t if works on those, but if you want you can try and let me know, just don’t get your hopes too high.

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