Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview

win81I really like Windows 8.1, I consider it a nice upgrade from W8, with many new features and more user customization. And as soon as many people are starting to hear about the W8.1 preview, the enterprise version of it get released as well.

Ok, so here are the links:

Here’s the activation key (according to the download site “The Enterprise Preview expires January 14, 2014”, but I assume that it’s a 30-day key and the preview will stop working on 2014):


One important think, the links are not supported by download managers. Meaning that you are forced to download the links with your browser, I tried to download the files with Orbit, jDownloader and Mipony without luck, if you manage to download them with a download manager, please let me know.

Anyway, the main differences between W8.1 and W8.1 Enterprise are, according to PC World, and I quote:

A Windows to Go creator tool. Windows to Go allows admins to create fully bootable Windows drives allowing employees to port their desktops from PC to PC.

-- Sounds like a persistent Windows installation (?).

Start screen controls that allow admins to control the layout and make sure important corporate apps are easily seen.

-- I guess the start screen could be more manageable.

Direct Access, which allows remote users to access corporate resources without tapping into a VPN.

-- I assume an improvement of the ol’ Remote desktop.

BranchCache, which allows frequently-accessed data to be "cached" in branch offices without the need to constantly re-download it.

-- There is a reason why is called “Enterprise”.

Virtual Desktop (VDI), which allows users to tap into the power of a Windows Server 2012 to remotely render graphics, use touch devices and USB peripherals without a powerful local client.

-- Let’s be realistic, this sounds awesome, even if would be limited to Windows Server, it’s still sounds good in theory, we just need to see it in practice.

Apps can now be side-loaded onto PCs, and the client can be locked down to run only apps and files selected by the admin.

-- Again, “Enterprise”, but I could thing of a thousand different uses for this on a family PC.

Just remember, this is only a preview and can change in any time. If you’re not into testing stuff before others, don’t waste time downloading it. In fact, if you don’t share a network or anything, just stay with your non-Enterprise edition and you should be fine.

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