Friday, May 31, 2013

Facebook Introducing Verified accounts for Pages and Profiles

verifiedJust as Twitter has been doing for years now, Facebook is finally adopting the “Verified Page” flare to pages and profiles of artists and people. The flair, clearly visible in the page and even in the search area, will be rolled out by Facebook, and Facebook only.

Meaning that, and I quote: “Keep in mind that not all authentic profiles and Pages are verified and that you can't request to have your profile or Page verified.”. So, unlike Twitter, you can’t verify every account and you can’t request a verification.

Nevertheless, this is a pretty awesome feature that was very needed and hopefully, in the long run, will help fight the spam and fake accounts in Facebook (that, as we all know, are amazingly common).

Via | Facebook Newsroom | Facebook Help

For those who still create Chrome Themes, My Chrome Theme is for you

chromethemeChrome Themes are not as popular as they used to be, nevertheless there are still many users who enjoy customizing their browser. There are many websites, services, and even programs to do this, but since this is browser-related, an app is the way to go.

My Chrome Theme is a free Chrome app that allows you to create Chrome Themes quick and easy. The thing about this app is that can be worked offline, meaning that works fast no regarding your connection speed, and you don’t have to download your theme to install it because it’s created locally.

If you’re into creating Chrome Themes, you need this.

Link | My Chrome Theme

Chrome Extension Downloader: Couldn’t name it better


Just as the name says, Chrome Extension Downloader is an online tool to download extension and apps for Chrome directly from the Chrome Web Store. It just as easy as pasting the link of the app you want to download and clicking on “Download extension”. The best part though, is that has a “History” list that can be watched by anyone and lists the last downloaded extensions.


Link | Chrome Extension Downloader

YSK: Switch programs on Windows using the Windows Key + Any number

I’m a fan of using Alt + Tab, is a great fast and easy way to switch between programs on Windows. A trick not many people know is that you can use the Windows Key + Any number to switch to an specific program instead of selecting from several ones.

Here’s how it works:


This feature puts numbers to each program on your tray bar starting from 1 and ending (obviously) on 9 (I don’t know if 0 will work as 10 (who can have 10 programs running at the same time?!)). In case you have an icon with 2 or more options (like Explorer above), just keep pressing the number to toggle between windows.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Removing Apps from Google Drive

While I was typing the last post I realized something: “How the hell do I remove this apps?”. Well, thanks to Google Support I found out that it was way to easy.

You know the Wrench option on Google Drive (yes, this one  w)? Well, click it. Now that you’re there, click on Manage Apps.


From there you can easily remove any app you have previously installed without problems. Just click on the app options > Disconnect from Drive.


Playing MP3 files on Google Drive

Google Drive is the old Google Docs, but revamped. It has many of it’s old features, and many amazing new ones. One of my favorites, and many people are unaware of this, is that you can add apps to your Drive account; this adds extra features and files your account can edit and create.


A not so known feature is the possibility to play music files on Google Drive by adding an app. Sadly, is the only way to play music files on Google Drive. The service can be fast and work as a streaming service, but by default you won’t find this feature on Google Drive.


Music Player for Google Drive is one of the few options we have. Very simple, very clean, and even allows you to create a playlist if you want. There are other options in case you want to try it out. I’m not saying this is a substitute to actual streaming services like Spotify, Grooveshark, or Google Music. Just sayin’ that is a quick way to play music when we’re not on our PC.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bring back the F8 recovery menu to Windows 8

Yes, you can go trough Windows 8 options and select that you want to start Windows with the recovery mode you want, but for most people is just easier to smash the F8 key when Windows is booting. Sadly, this feature was disabled in it and smashing the key will achieve nothing. BUT, on How-To Geek they posted a quick fix to this.

First, launch the command prompt in admin mode; the best way to do this is pressing Windows + X > Command Prompt (Admin).


After that, type the following and press Enter:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy


Now, next time you want to use the Recovery options on Windows 8, by frantically pressing the F8 when booting should do the trick.

Via | How-To Geek

Skidrow Games: An online portal to download popular games for free

I love playing videogames, or at least I try to play the ones that my PC can run. Most popular and great games require that you have an Internet connection, a third-party “social” software, and other useless crap that users don’t like. Of course, with the arrival of Steam, some annoyances were left behind, and now is easier than ever to pay and play. But still millions of player can’t have access to these games whether because they’re minors, because they can’t afford these, or both.


For these users, there is Skidrow Games. This is a portal that has popular games to download and to play for free. And I’m talking about very popular games:

  • Portal
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Bioshock
  • Resident Evil
  • Tom Raider
  • Forza
  • Need for Speed
  • Tom Clancy’s
  • F. E. A. R.

And many more. These games, obviously, are cracked, but unlike any other sites, these are safe. Trust me. Also, it offers different ways to download the games: using several file hosting services, using torrents, uploading the crack separately (sometimes), and also uploads RELOADED releases.

Just try to not sell the game. Also, redirect friends to the site instead of direct linking, give them some credit at least. It’s not about the money, it’s about playing the game.

Link | Skidrow Games

Monday, May 27, 2013

Not another Windows 8 activator

Lets cut to the chase. If you came here, that means that you want to activate your Windows 8 permanently, or at least until a new re-install.

This tool was uploaded by the user Aaron7pm to the 7pm Tech forums (please visit the link for info about the tool), but the site is down at the moment of typing this post. In fact, it has been down the whole day, so the only way to actually get to it is by using Google’s Cache service, just click here. Since the tool is actually free and doesn’t require you to do anything, there is no reason for me to (and I won’t) re-upload it. You have to go by yourself to the site and download it manually.


The tool is actually very easy to use. Just run it as admin, select your Windows version, click on “Insert Key”, click on “Active Windows 8”, and you’re done. No need for you to do anything else. It also has a Office 2013 activator and some other options that any advance user could be grateful to have.


Again, there is no direct download links here, if you want to download it, go to 7pmtech and do it there. You have to give credit where credit is due.

First episode of Arrested Development (Season 4)


Yesterday was the release of the new season of arrested development and, as always, torrent sites delivered as soon as possible. This morning I checked Isohunt and the first episode was there, ready to download (just click the image to go to the site).

I have no strong feelings one way or the other about this episode. Funny with a little touch of drama. According to some people it will become better in future episodes. I posted all the episodes here for those who want to download them.

I just finished watching Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!


I like anime and manga, but I’m not an otaku, I’m just a guy who enjoys watching/reading it, that’s it. Today I finished a short anime (12 episodes) called Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions). The quick resume of the plot: Rikka and Yuuta; Rikka is teenage girl who has the “8th grade sindrome”, which is when a person starts acting like a super hero, villain, or a comic character. Yuuta had it, but got over it and change to another school to avoid the shame.

Of course, everything has a reason, the theme of this anime is showing how people (and mostly kids and teenagers) tend to scape to another reality for not being able to deal with their problems and surroundings. But not everything is seriousness, it has a lot of comedy, A LOT. You’ll laugh, cry, enjoy, and get angry at some point.

I completely recommend it, and if you want to see it (you should), here is fast a torrent for English speakers, and here’s a link to Taringa! for Spanish speakers.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arrested Development: Season 4, on Netflix


Today is May 26, 2013, the day when the 4th season of Arrested Development is available on Netflix. This is a very amazing comedy that was cancelled in 2006, but now return this 2013 by the hand of Netflix. This 4th season focus on the family on 2013, 7 years after the events of the last episode (February, 2006), and of course, looks awesome.

I highly recommend everyone to watch it, and if you don’t have or can’t have a Netflix account, feel free to use this torrent over here to download the first three seasons.

I’ll try to update the season 4 for those of us who can’t have a Netflix account when is available for everyone.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Over 5700 HD wallpapers free to download

The only reasons why I prefer Windows 7/8 over the old XP is because of the visual effects and the auto-changing wallpaper. And the best way to take advantage of it is having a some HD wallpapers around.


This guy, inphinitechaos, publish 5704 images in his imgur account. These images were purely HD wallpapers; anime, games, technology, movies, etc.. To download complete albums, just use album ripper, btw.

FastStone Capture: The most useful software to take screenshots

Are programs to take screenshots necessary? Not even a little.

Do you need a special software to edit those screenshots? Again, not even a little.

The main problem is that Windows doesn’t offer one simple feature that most users want: The mouse on the screenshot. That’s it. That’s the only reason of the need of a third party software to take a photo of your screen. And if this is the only reason, then why download a software with a thousand tools to edit pictures? If you need this kind of program, then probably you have a photo editor software.

This is when FastStore Capture comes in. Is portable, light, fast, and takes about 512kb of RAM when running.


It doesn’t annoy you with social features, ads, special services to run, start with Windows, permanent Internet connection, or any of that crap. It just do it’s job, take screenshots. Of course, the software is not free, but guess what? Here are some serials for you to use (yes, permanent activation).

Just remember to buy or donate to keep the project running, if you want to.

Link | FastStore Capture

Friday, May 24, 2013

album ripper: Download images from image hosts sites in a zip file


This is one of those web services that you must have bookmarked or at least always keep in your head. The amazing about album ripper is the ammount of image hosting sites it supports.

  • Imgur (download albums, not users)
  • Tumblr (download pages entirely, which will take a while)
  • Twitter (photos of that user)
  • DeviantArt (the complete gallery)
  • Flickr, Instagram, 4chan, photobucket…

The service, however, will only download public images, so don’t expect to be able to download an user’s private collection.

Anyway, if you don’t want to go into the site each time you want to download some images, there is a Firefox Extension for you (no Chrome, just Firefox).

Link | album ripper

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to stop following blogs with your Google account

I don’t know if you remember this, but before Facebook, before Twitter, when Feedburner was something mandatory in your blog, there was another thing that Google added called “Google Friend Connect”. The point of this was(is) to allow users to follow their favorite blogs using an RSS Feed reader. This was also complemented by the now gone Google Buzz.

But this feature is now completely obsolete and completely irrelevant, not to mention quite annoying for people like me who like to keep their feeds clean and neat.

Sadly, Google doesn’t offer an easy way to unfollow these. You have to go through several steps to actually do it. Or you can just click this link to get there.

The first thing to do is go here, you should see this.


Now what you need to do is click the one you don’t want to follow anymore on Settings. This will open a popup window that will allow you to remove those annoying blogs for good.


And that’s it! The blog is gone. And the most important part of this is that it no longer appears on Google Reader (which will die on July 1st).