Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Windows 8 Control Panel Shortcuts


Wanna know something cool about the Control Panel? Several of it’s most used features can be accessed directly from the run prompt and without the need of going into the Control Panel in the first place. How? Well, you can do this by opening the run prompt, typing the feature you want to access and then hitting enter. Of course, there are several that are different than previous versions of Windows (like the user’s interface – no longer exists)

Now, the list of available commands are:

Accessibility controls access.cpl
System properties sysdm.cpl
Add/Remove programs appwiz.cpl
Date and Time timedate.cpl
Screen Resolution desk.cpl
Fonts folder fonts
Internet properties inetcpl.cpl
Game controller properties joy.cpl
Mouse properties main.cpl
Keyboard properties main.cpl keyboard
Sound properties mmsys.cpl
Network properties ncpa.cpl
Power properties powercfg.cpl
Devices and printers control printers
Region intl.cpl
Scanners and cameras control sticpl.cpl
Modem control modem.cpl

NOTE: These above are the ones that work on W8, the ones that say “control” at the beginning are the ones that MUST have “control” when executed, otherwise they won’t work. In all the other ones this is optional.

Here are the ones that don’t work on W8 (or at least not on my PC).

Microsoft exchange** control mlcfg32.cpl
Findfast** control findfast.cpl
Password management control password.cpl
Microsoft Mail Post Office** control wgpocpl.cpl
Users Control Tool control ncpa.cpl users
PC Card** control main.cpl pc card

** I have never used these features and I have no idea what they do.

BTW, this is all official.

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