Monday, November 3, 2014

Disable CCleaner Monitoring

The latest release of CCleaner, although pretty nice and with Windows 10 support, has something I absolutely hate with all my being: active monitoring my pc.


At least the steps to disabling it are very simple and straight forward. With CCleaner open go to Options > Monitoring.

CCleaner Monitoring

Now is just as easy as unchecking the “Enable system monitoring” and “Enable Active Monitoring” options. BOTH OF THEM.

Disable monitoring

And that’s it, no more annoying CCleaner icon on the tray bar.

SoundSwitch: Easily Switch between playback devices

Sadly, I don’t live alone and most of the time I have to share my room with somebody. For this reason I was forced to buy my headphones in the first place; when I’m alone I use the speakers, when people is around the headphones. But sometimes people come and go and I’m forced to switch devices 2 or 3 times every 10 minutes.

Although this is easy to do, it is annoying after a while, and that’s why I found SoundSwitch.


This portable program allows you to switch playback devices with a hotkey, that I set to be CTRL+ALT+Z. In Settings you can check this.


Several important things to consider:

  1. Yes, there are alternatives, but this is portable and very light. I consider this to be necessary.
  2. Yes, it comes with adware, that’s why I uploaded a clean version to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. The portable version may show some errors because the ads are disabled, but it’ll work perfectly.

SoundSwitch switching

Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

Pretty short note here; for those of you who still use Windows Live Essentials, there is an offline version for it. The language of the package will be chosen by you when the download starts, and it supports around 65 languages.

Windows Live Offline

The package size can be between 130mb and 150mb, depending of the language. So if your data plan is limited, you better go with the online version.

Sadly, there is no probable upgrade for the package and the last version was is the 2012, although is still being updated, a 2015 version would be appreciated.

Anyway, since this is mostly a FYI, just go and download it. Writer and Movie Maker are still widely used and pretty simple for average users.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Disable Windows Defender on Windows 8.1

Yeah, it’s been a while since my last post... Many thing have happened, many more will, but that’s irrelevant, lets focus on today’s post. LETS DISABLE THIS:

Windows Defender

Windows 8.1 has a pretty good security because it has it’s own AV within the OS, but I don’t like it and many people don’t either. Here’s how to disable it.

Go to the Control Panel > Windows Defender.

Windows Defender

Now go to Settings > Administrator > Uncheck Turn off this app.

Windows Defender

That’s it, now I will explain how to reactivate it in the next post.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heroes of the Storm

Today, besides watching the ending of TLoK, another awesome thing happened: I got into HotS!

Heroes of the Storm

The Legend of Korra: Book 3 - Change

Yesterday the third season or book of TLoK ended with an amazing and epic plot twist... well, many amazing and epic plot twists.

The legend of Korra

This is by far the most incredible cartoon I’ve seen in a very long time; not only the animation is perfect, but the plot demands you to stay focus on every single you may miss, and the best part is that aims to a more mature audience instead of dumbing it down for kids... which may be the reason why TLoK would only be displayed online and not on TV.

Anyway, I really recommend you to watch this season, so here are the episodes for you to download:

  1. A breath of fresh air
  2. Rebirth
  3. The earth queen
  4. In harm’s way
  5. The metal clan
  6. Old wounds
  7. Original airbenders
  8. The terror within
  9. The stakeout
  10. Long live the queen
  11. The Ultimatum
  12. Enter the void
  13. Venom of the red lotus

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Record your webcam using VLC Player

This is something I’m pretty sure you didn’t know you could do, and here’s how to do it.

Open VLC, click on View > Advanced Controls. This allows you to have the recording controls on the toolbar.

VLC Player

Then go to Media > Open Capture Device.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Put your screen resolution under perspective

You know that each day gamers are requiring better graphics, due to this, companies create better graphics card, which allow the creation of games with better graphics, and so on. Not limited to that, pc monitors are getting bigger by the minute, making any monitor below 21’ something not practical for games.

Not related to that paragraph, Wikipedia has an image that shows the difference between 480p, 576p, 1080p, 2160p (4k), and 4320p (8k), that you can open and see which choice fits better for you.

Wikipedia Resolutions

Just make sure to set the zoom to 100% to know which resolution is for you.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Last Hope Trailer


I love Borderlands, I love the trailers, the lore, the intros, the fighting, the gameplay, the dialogues, every single thing of these games. And what do we have here? Yep, a new trailer for Borderlands: TPS, featuring an awesome music and a lot of... a lot of Borderlands.


Fucking Homepage

In case the title misleads you, this site is called FUCKING HOMEPAGE, and it’s a site that updates daily with useful information, cool websites, life tips, awesome books, interesting people, and more.



Unlike may other sites that try to ease you into reading stuff, this site just puts the info out and shove it into your face as soon as you place your eyes on it. But seriously, it’s a pretty awesome source for cool information; books, tips, people, did-you-knows, websites, images...



The site is completely fill with all kinds of useful shit, from the beginning to the end. And I really recommend you to read all you can from it, it’s the best fucking homepage you’ll ever have.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Disable Facebook Video’s Autoplay

A few days ago Facebook introduced another useless feature that nobody asked nor like: Videos now autoplay as soon as you see them. Yes, they are muted, but this is still a useless piece of shit feature that is completely worthless and I hate with all my non-existent heart. So, let’s disable it, shall we?

As always, first go to Settings.


You should see that there is a new option on the left named Videos. You can click it if you want to.


And finally, switch from On to Off.


And that’s it, the changes are effective immediately. You just have read the small letters:

Note: This setting only applies when you use Facebook on your computer. Go to your phone's settings to change auto-play videos in your Facebook app.

So you need to disable this on you phone to work there.

LoLBuilder: Making the best possible build you can

LoLBuilder is a simple web tool that shows the most common builds for champions based on diamond and challenger ranked games and gives you advices considering usual picks, best items, runes, masteries, and more.


There is also a Windows App that analyze that will help you with your build as soon as the game start. What it does is write new items set into the game data folder and allows you to use these from within the game. Although is an awesome tool and can be used by beginners and pros, I’ve always recommended that is better to learn how to play on your own and not rely on 3rd party tools that make the game easier, simpler, or less interactive.

Do not sacrifice difficulty over entertainment.

Friday, August 8, 2014

YouTube now supporting 4k videos

YouTube is slowly introducing 4k video support to the site, although is not yet supported by all channels, and even if you set the quality to 4k, is still possible that the video has no “4k version” and it will automatically change to 1440p.

YouTube 4k

In other cases, for any reason at all, you won’t be able to play the 4k version and will be lowered automatically. But even knowing that, you still can download the video old-school style and watch it on you PC if you want.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Deadpool’s CGI Movie Trailer that was leaked

A few days ago a trailer of the new Deadpool movie was released, many claimed that it was official, but guess what, it wasn’t. It has been removed from almost every video hosting site... several times.

Anyway, here it is! Let’s hope it won’t get deleted. PS: CGI has come a long way.

Also, he’s drawing in a piece of paper in the beginning.


Yes, all in caps. This is a movie that I actually don’t know if I want to see. I’m an old Spongebob fan (everything before the movie and including the movie is good. Everything after that is crap), but this looks great. Paramount is an awesome company, and Nickelodeon comes with great movies sometimes... Just look at this:


Yes, of course, we were all expecting to see this:


Or this:


But what the hell, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt.

Digimon Adventure: The Sequel

OMFG!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, a sequel to the original Digimon series; Digimon Adventure. Although there is not an official trailer nor a preview of it, the music and sound from the teaser it’s enough.

I want this, I really, REALLY want this.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel official Trailer

Continuing with the hype, not only Unlimited Blade Works was announced, but also Heaven’s Feel, so it’s a great day to be a Fate fan, sadly, this movie doesn’t have a release date yet, so you have to wait a little longer for this one.


Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

THIS, THIS IS AWESOME. I have no idea what the characters are saying BUT WHO CARES. This is the trailer for the new anime Unlimited Blade Works, that as you know had a movie and it all was based on the most amazing Visual Novel called simply Fate/Stay Night, and it will air October 4th, 2014.

New LoL Champion: Gnar

I’ve stopped playing League of Legends a few weeks ago (I’m playing WoW again and it’s even more addictive), but that doesn’t mean that is a boring or bad game. And first came the release of the cinematic, New Dawn, and now a new champion named Gnar.


What I can get about his history, that you can see here, is that a village was suddenly attacked by a monster/evil. This monster/evil was defeated by the leader of the village who then became possessed by this monster/evil and was then trapped in ice for XXX years (or at least the most I can guess).

Now he’s free and ready to fight for the League of Legends...

For those interested in more, head to the reddit thread to see what new secrets they discover.

Here’s the trailer, everyone.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 1

Thursday was released the first episode of RWBY’s new Volume/chapter. This new episode features new characters, little info about the plot, the same style of comedy, and an amazing intro song.

A new episode will be released each Thursday on the Rooster Teeth site, and I really recommend you to watch it. Just keep an open mind... jokes can be lame... so lame that are funny.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

League of Legends: A new Dawn

As you should know by now, the last LoL patch has a complete redesign of the Summoner’s Rift map, with a ton on of new features, animation, and effects. And to complement that, rito release a cinematic to present the new map for everyone. It’s amazing, and if you’re a avid LoL player, you’ll love it.

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Cinematic Trailer

HearthStone, a F2P game by Blizzard has now an expansion... adventure.. DLC... whatever. This new expansion is called Curse of Naxxramas, and even though it was announced a few months ago, it was finally released today by the price of $6.99 USD or 700 gold (ingame money).

This new adventure will bring a lot of new enemies, card, and even a Heroic Mode for hardcore player. Anyway, here’s the trailer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to delete your Google+ account

Social networks are more and more dangerous every day, and I’m not talking about addiction or actual physical danger, but privacy intrusion. These networks ask more out of you each time they can, there are even some apps that ask for your bank information so you can transfer money from, let’s say, Facebook. Or vice versa, banks that let you connect to your social network... Doesn’t seem legit at all.

Anyway, not related to that, here’s how to delete your Google+ account. First click on your picture on the top right, then Account.

Google Account

Then click on Edit settings.

Google Settings

Then scroll all the way down and click on “here”.

Delete account

Now, here’s what you lose:

From Google+:

  • Your circles will be deleted, but people in your circles will remain in your Contacts.

  • Your +1's will be deleted.

  • Your posts and comments will be deleted and won't available to the people or communities you shared them with.

  • Any profile information that you did not make public will be deleted.

  • Many Google+ social and sharing features will be disabled for you on other Google sites.

  • Content from other services, such as videos, will no longer be visible to people in those circles.

  • No photos will be deleted: you can still access them in Picasa. To delete them, go to Picasa Web Albums.

  • Your connections to third-party services will not be affected. To manage them go to Connected accounts settings.

  • Your chat buddies in Google Talk and Gmail will not be deleted.

  • Your Google+ Local reviews will not be deleted: They will be marked as private and accessible in the "My Places" section of Google Maps. You will be able to delete them there. Learn more.

  • No communities you created will be deleted, unless you're the only member.

Google+ Pages:

  • Pages you own
    No Google+ pages that you own will be deleted. If you don't want to own a page any more, you can delete it. Deleting a page is permanent. You can also transfer ownership of a page, using the page's settings. Learn More.

  • Pages you manage
    You can continue to manage any pages you currently manage. Your name and email address will be visible to the owner and the other managers of any page you manage. You can also remove yourself as a manager of a page, using the page's settings. If you do, you'll no longer be able to act as that page or take any kind of administrative actions. However, all of your past posts, comments, and other actions will remain intact. Learn More.


Deleting your Google+ profile will affect your channel [Google+ Name] Learn more

If you delete your Google+ profile:

  • Your comments and messages will be permanently deleted

  • The following will be made private until you re-enable your channel:

    • Your channel name

    • Other people's subscriptions to your channel

Your public Google profile will be removed.

  • Deleting your public profile will not affect the status of your Google Account.

Delete G+ account.

Check both squares and click on Remove selected services.

Delete g+ account.


New Start Menu for Windows 9

Yes, I know that “Windows 9” it’s the wrong term, but until there is an official name, we’ll have to stick with this one.

Windows new start menu.

Windows’ start screens have been controversy since the release of Windows 8, and even though Windows has offered two versions (8 and 8.1), and considering that there are hundreds of programs that change it in many ways, people is still unhappy with it. But it appears that for Windows 9 the start looks even better, something like 7 + 8 = 9... yep, seems about right.

The screen was leaked by Paul Thurrott, and sadly, it’s impossible to see the build number. In any case, he’s a pretty strong source.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mark of the Ninja

Lately I’ve been playing a pretty cool game called Mark of the Ninja. It’s not a new game, it was released on October, 2012 for the PC, and it’s one of the most cool 2D platformers I’ve played (after Super Meatboy).

Mark of the ninja

The mechanics on this game employ a lot of line of view points and a lot of sound-related actions. Meaning that, you’re a fuckin’ ninja, be quiet. Unlike Assassin’s Creed, that lately relies on killing everything in your path, in this game killing everything sometimes is the worst way to go or even boring, just don’t kill unless you have to.

Also, the ending, THE FUCKIN’ ENDING. Anyway, as always, for those like me who can’t afford, here’s a download link. But if you can, here’s the Steam link.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

RipMe: Download Imgur, Instagram, tumblr albums with a click

Remember the old ripArchives? Well, the site got terminated a while ago, and even though a lot of alternatives appeared, none was everlasting. But this was for the best, I guess, because a little application appeared to fill the void, RipMe. (Here’s the download link, and here’s a mirror just in case)



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Disabel SourceForge Downloader


If you’ve used SourceForge lately, you may have noticed how all programs are now being installed using a downloader that, as all downloaders, is full of adwares. The good part is that SourceForge at least allows you to disable this.


And that’s it. Just remember to disable it if you’re not in your PC or if you delete your cookies.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Doubleagent, the Neutral Pandaren Shaman hits Level 90!

An old news, but awesome nonetheless. Two days ago, Doubleagent, a neutral Pandaren player of World of Warcraft hit top level, 90, without leaving the starting area.


This is something incredible and actually pretty awesome to do, and a huge time waster. He spent around 4164 hours playing to achieve that, which is 173.5 days, which is 5.7 months playing the game non-stop 24/7... is still incredible.

Anyway, here’s the official post in the forum and the official reddit thread.

YouTube is now adjusting the videos to the size of your screen

A small adjustment that went unnoticed, if you click the Theater mode to make the video bigger, YouTube will automatically resize it to fit a bigger part of your screen.


Although this is a really small change, it’s very useful and quite necessary. Also, if you have a fast Internet connection, you probably won’t notice it, but a lot of use do notice it, and because of that, thanks, YouTube.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Add the World Cup Brazil 2014 calendar to Google Calendar

Although I don’t use Google Calendar at all, many people with a busy schedule do, and if you’re local calendar is synced with Google’s, there is an easy way to add the world cup calendar of games to it.

Games calendar

Go to Google Calendar, in the “Other calendars” section, click on the arrow and then on “Add by URL”.

Google Calendar

Now copy and paste this address:


Google Calendar

And you’re done. You should get all the games now on your calendar. The only thing is that the results are not shown here, just a minor set back.

YSK Google has a calendar for the games of Brazil 2014

Mobile apps, web services, little calendars, bars... There are a lot of things that you use to keep track of this World Cup that weren’t there on 2010. Well, in case you just want to know the games quickly as possible, just Google “Brazil 2014” and Google will provide.

World Cup Calendar

Monday, June 16, 2014

Autoparts translation: English/Spanish

This is one of the most useful pieces of information I’ve found in the Internet so far, or at least useful to the regular user. Being someone who speaks Spanish but most of his searches are in English, this have being helpful a lot of times, and if I found it useful, someone will too.


There are a little over 550 different words, and few of these are:

crankshaft = cigüeñal
engine block = bloque del motor
exhaust manifold = válvula de escape
flywheel = volante
fuel injector = inyector
banda de tiempo = timing belt
Banda Multiple = Serpentine Belt
biela = piston rod
bloque del motor = engine block
bujía = spark plug
odometer, trip = odómetro
speedometer = velocímetro
tachometer = tacómetro
temperature gage = indicador temperatura
turn signal indicator = direccionales

Link | Yucalandia

YSK How to see your reddit list of Friends

reddit is an awesome place, and mostly is very user friendly, except for searches and friend-customization actions. Not that the latter is necessary, but in case you want to clean your /r/friends, just go to https://ssl.reddit.com/prefs/friends.

reddit friends

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tesla Motors Now Offering Their Patents for Free

This is one of the most amazing news we’ll be getting this year; Tesla Motors, the guys behind the Tesla Model S, announced today that all their patents for their technology will be free to grab by anyone with the title “All our patent are belong to you”.

With this they (we) hope to get a complete revolution in the automotive industry from the actual almost total use of gasoline to electric, reducing the production of CO2 and avoiding our practically doomed future.

But anyway, if you don’t even care about that, at least check this awesome comic by The Oatmeal.


GameBoy Advance Emulator for Windows 7+

I’m not too fond to use emulators, I prefer a lot play the game in the console, but sometimes there is no other choice, so after a quick search and tryouts, I found the one emulator that works 100% in Windows 7/8 100% and without any problem, VBA-M.


VBA-M (VisualBoyAdvance-M) is a very cool emulator that I found and the main reason I talk about it is because of his compatibility with the latest Windows OS (32 and 64 bits), and because you can speed up the game with a key.


Thanks to this, I ended three pokemon games in two days. Also, you can resize the window, which weirdly, is not that common in the emulator’s world.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Live Nintendo Stream at E3 2014

E3 started yesterday, and I didn’t post a stream because I was late for all presentations, but finally I’m in time! And Nintendo is hosting a Stream on YouTube (which is WAY more stable than Twitch) and here it is!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mirror’s Edge: E3 2014

Today began the E3 of 2014, and between all the amazing announcements and presentations, there is one that I was waiting for... and wasn’t disappointed: Mirror’s Edge... at least a preview of what’s coming.

Create corrupted text using Zalgo

One of the most common and useless things on the Internet is corrupted texts, everyone hate them, including me, but then again, curiosity killed the cat.

Corrupted Text

One easy tool to use is Zalgo Text Generator, just copy and paste the text that appears in the text box you want to use it. But keep in mind that Facebook limits the size of the text, and it won’t appear complete.

Corrupted text