Thursday, August 15, 2013

YSK when you’ll be able to see the ISS from your house

The International Space Station, ISS, believe it or not, is visible from earth just by looking into the sky at the right time. Of course, it will seem like another star, but since it moves faster, just by paying enough attention you’ll be able to see it without problem… except one: When is going over me?


Spot the Station is a NASA site that allows you to check when the ISS will be coming to your neighborhood. Let me explain the date offered:

  • You have the date, which is the when.
  • You have the visible time, which is how much time will be visible.
  • The Max Height is the maximum height
  • It will appear on 11° above NW.
  • It will disappear on the same place or near it.

Here’s a graph to explain it.


Since it will appear and disappear around the same place for a little over a minute, we can conclude that it won’t be on a place that will be easy to be spotted unless I’m on top a building or something.

Just try it yourself and hopefully you’ll be luckier than me.

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