Monday, August 12, 2013

Billboard’s 100 most popular songs since 1946


Today a friend posted on Twitter a list of Billboard’s 100 most popular songs since 1946. Listing over 6000 songs, it’s the perfect place for anyone who’s feeling nostalgic and want to remember those songs that were a fundamental part of our childhood and/or adolescence.

What’s more amazing about this list is that you can see how music trends changed from year to year, and if you look closely, you can even see where music started to go downhill into the crap we’re hearing today.

Each song listed has a YouTube pair with the song playing, and if the song has a video, a video, both song or video has it’s own description (if possible, some don’t have one). The page also offers a Search feature, but it works by year, so if you’re looking a song by “Nirvana”, you type “Nirvana” and then click year by year until you find the band/song.

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