Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Creating an exception on Windows Defender

I don’t know if this is a W8.1 feature or is because it’s a preview, but on Windows 8.1 I’m not able to disable Windows Defender using “regular” ways, you need to do a lot of stuff to disable it and the effort is way bigger than the profit, making disabling it a waste of time.

-- On a related note, for those who don’t know, Windows Defended on W8 and ahead has the same level of protection of Microsoft Security Essentials. --

Now, to activate Windows or remove watermarks you need a patch, this patch is recognize as a virus… because that’s what it is, evil… evil being used and controlled by you, but still evil. And Microsoft knows this, that’s why this kind of behavior is forbidden and you need to create special rules to keep this files on your PC by adding them to the folder/file exceptions.

Windows Defender

Go to Control Panel > Windows Defender. You’ll see the main Window, in it, go to the last tab, Settings. Then to the Excluded Files and Folder.

Windows Defender

In there, to the right, you’ll see a “Browse” button, click it, browse for the folder, then hit “Add”.

Windows Defender

Don’t forget to click on “Save Changes”.

Now you can have all that bad stuff that you’re hiding safely without worrying that Windows will delete it without your permission.

-- On another related note, I really like Windows Defender. Is one of the most light antivirus I’ve had. Also, is not intrusive and easy to configure. If you want a free AV, this is the best you can get… or Microsoft Essentials, it’s essentially the same. --

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