Friday, August 9, 2013

Lynda’s CSS for Developers

I love Lynda’s courses, and even though sometimes they can be boring, they are amazing and you can learn a lot from them. In this case there is CSS for Developers. This course was made on 2010, with a duration of 4 hours in 54 videos that covers everything from the history of CSS to selecting different style sheets for different browsers.


You can get it at Lynda’s by going over here, just subscribe and you’re ready to go. Note that this course will only focus on CSS and they style attribute, so if you’re not familiar with HTML, you should.

Of course, for those who can’t afford to have a Lynda account (they don’t even offer free trials or anything), you can get this course from Mega:


That link should ask you for a encryption key:


For a full URL, you need to merge the link with the key with a ! in between:


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