Saturday, August 17, 2013

Disable Windows Error Reporting Service for good

Windows Error Reporting it’s actually a good thing; it works by sending error reports logs to Microsoft so they can search for a fix and send it through Windows Update. This is awesome, but still, I don’t like Windows Error Reporting, it only pops up when I shut down a program using the task manager or I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing… It’s never Windows’ fault. So, to me it’s useless, here’s how to disable it.

Go to services.msc (type that on the run prompt). Search for “Windows Error Reporting Service”. Stop it and disable it.

Windows Error Reporting Service

Now, when a program crashes, the service will set to Manual and will be started, we need to stop this.

Go to “C:\Windows\System32\”. There are three files you’ll need to rename:

  • wersvc.dll
  • werfault.exe
  • wermgr.exe

Windows Error Reporting Service.

I’m not sure these last two have something to do with it, but I remember that on W7 I used to do it, so I do it here anyway.

Since this service launches itself at random, it’s hard to replicate, but I started shutting down and hanging programs and the service didn’t start. I believe that this did the trick.

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