Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Razer Naga - Now for left-handed players

New Razer Naga.I’m left-handed, but I was raised playing videogames as a right-handed and well, now I’m a left-handed dude who plays as a right-handed player. But with a new and increasing generation of players, Razer, one of the best gaming products’ company there is has created a new version of the Razer Naga and will allow the buyers to select if they want it left or right handed.

Left handed and right handed Naga.

(the image on the left if for left-handed players, and the right for right-handed ones).

The new Naga have some amazing new features:

  • Available in left and right-handed mode: as I said, left-handed gamers can use a Naga now too.

New scroll wheel.

  • The scroll wheel has two extra buttons!: if you tilt the scroll wheel to the left, you’ll have one button there, and if you tilt it to the right, you’ll have another button there!
  • 19 fuckin’ buttons: the old Naga had 17 buttons, which is something huge, and now we have 19 buttons to choose from. This is just way to much, and I would love to have it.
  • Green LED: this is not much of a feature, but is a difference from the Naga (blue), Naga Molten (red), and the Naga Epic (can change colors). (PS: The Naga Hex is green too)

New ingame button editor.

  • In-Game configurator: Synapse two comes with an add-on depending on the device you’re using, this Naga will have a new one that will allow you to customize your buttons without leaving the game. This is useful.

Thumb grid 2.0.

  • Mechanical Thumb Grid: I actually don’t care much about the technical stuff here, but now the buttons are bigger, meaning easy access and location.

New anti-slip design.

  • More Anti-slip surfaces: if you have ever used a Naga, you know that it’s completely slipless at the top, but the sides are plain plastic, which can be slippery under wrong conditions. The new Naga will have anti-slip surfaces where these are now.
  • It no longer have side next to the left click, these are now behind the scroll wheel. I guess this can be good and bad, depending of the user.

The price is the same, BTW, USD80. It’s awesome. This is the best mouse ever, and would be the only mouse I will consider to replace my current Naga Molten.

Also, here’s the link to Razer.com. For gamers, by gamers.

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