Monday, August 19, 2013

Probably Archer: The QWOP for Archers

I love QWOP, is one of the most amazingly frustrating games of all times, and if you mix that with Surgeon Simulator and some arrows, you get Probably Archer.


This is a game that teaches you how not to be an archer. It’s a free game that can get you frustrated on a few missed shots. It’s pretty straight forward:

  • Hold left click to pick an arrow (DON’T RELEASE THE CLICK YET)
  • Move the mouse to move the right wrist.
  • Q + mouse moves the right shoulder.
  • E + mouse moves the right arm.
  • Shift + mouse moves the left wrist.
  • Shift + Q + mouse moves the left shoulder.
  • Shift + E + mouse moves the left arm.
  • Right click prepares the shot.
  • Now you can release the left click.

Still is annoying as fuck; the wrist move practically at random and doesn’t obey your mouse, moves must be slow or you’ll create a mess, your head is a balloon, so you better watch that pointy arrow.

Anyway, fun, addictive, and a complete waste of time. For more information, here’s a gameplay.

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