Monday, August 19, 2013

Allow/Block a site’s content using Chrome

ContentOne of the most amazing feature in Chrome is the possibility to customize with content you want to allow and which one you want to block. By content I mean:

  • Images
  • JavaScript
  • Plugins
  • Popups
  • Location
  • Notifications
  • Fullscreen
  • Mouse Lock
  • Multimedia

This content can be easily customized and set to Allow or Blocked just by clicking the site’s information on the far left side of the address bar.


The blocking/allowing can be easily done and undone, so you can try it out to set it to a confortable browsing of specific sites. Let me show you, here’s how reddit looks with settings at default:


Now let’s block Images and JavaScript.


This is how it looks now.


Of course, reddit is pretty simple stuff. Most sites when you need to use this feature are sites where mouse and keyboard events (click, hover, keypress) activate other events that may cause you an unpleasant time.

If a site is fuckin’ mess, just block the JS.

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