Thursday, August 1, 2013

Want to know if your PC can run a game? Try Game-Debate

I don’t like programs or sites that claim that know if my PC can run a game or not. In fact, many of these won’t actually test your specs against a database of requirements, they just list your specs, list a bunch of standard requirements and say that you can’t run it and need to download something to be able to do it. The only real solution is to know your PC’s specifications, from memory to processor (if you don’t know how to do that, use CPU-Z).

When you know these, you can check the game requirements in many sites such as the official site of the game, Wikipedia (most cases), or Game-Debate. Of course, if you know about this, you just need your specs and the requirements of the game to know if you can runt it or not. But if you don’t, use Game-Debate.

Very easy to use. Go to the game you want to check (let’s say Skyrim). Scroll down, you should see the section where the system requirements are listed, bellow that you’ll see some selection boxes, CPU and GPU. Choose yours.


Like this. Hit proceed when you’re done.


Check your RAM. Click on Check Specs.


And this should be the result:


The site will check your specs against the ones from their database and how the users tested your rig with an specific game. This rate will be listed by a star from 1 to 10, meaning that my personal rig will run 40% of Skyrim’s graphics. Meaning that I should play it at low setting.

It can be annoying, but at least you don’t need to download weird programs or visit weird site. And as I said, if you know your rig, you just need to check the requirements to know if you can run it or not.

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