Saturday, August 17, 2013

Backup and protect your local Chrome profile

When sharing a PC, it’s hard to keep your files and documents private, you could have an alternate user profile, but when you share your PC a few times a month and reinstall Windows every two months, is a complete waste of time, effort, and space to do it. That’s why is better to just isolate your files. In this case, Chrome’s profile.

Go to:


In that folder you should see a “User Data” folder.

Chrome profile.

To keep it private, just rename it or move it, that way, Chrome will create a new default profile and yours will remain private.

Chrome profile

Now, this is a way to keep it safe, but if you want to backup your profile or keep it really secure. You can use, let’s say, WinRaR to save it and password protect it.

Chrome profile.

Of course, there are thousands of software to protect folders, but I consider this the easiest way. Just make sure to save that single folder, and your browsing history will remain secure.

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