Sunday, June 2, 2013

XKCD - Time: Wait for it

Over 2 months from typing this (70 days to be precise), XKCD posted a regular comic called “Time” with the caption “Wait for it”.time1

Nothing special about it when you look at it; is not a gif, there is nothing hidden on the image. But in fact, the image changes every hour. It has been changing since it’s was posted, and now it has 1791 images that can be watched one-by-one using one of the many web services now dedicated solely to this comic.

The first one, and most popular is http://xkcd.aubronwood.com/, and it shows the comic as an animation image after image, allowing you to speed up, slow down, or pause the animation.


The interesting thing about this comic is that no one know how or when is going to end, and even have amazing dialog though all of it, “We can’t answer every question, but we can answer any question”.

Link | Time | http://xkcd.aubronwood.com/

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