Friday, June 14, 2013

Want to know what’s hot in Google? Try Google Trends

Just as Twitter has trending topics, Google offers also a simple way to keep people updated for current trends based on search words and search habits of different users around the world. And it offers two different ways to watch it.

The first and most common way is the Top Charts. What is shown here is the search by category, you know, Actors, Music, Sports, Games, Animals… This categories list the top 20 of most common searches (with a “More” option), and it also shows how the trend is going (more or less popular of the previous month). These, according to Google, are updated daily.


Another way to know what’s hot, is Hot Searches, or Hot Trends. Unlike Top Charts, that show which searches are more popular, divide them by categories, and update them daily, Hot Searches is updated hourly and shows a daily Top 5, that’s all.


But if you don’t enjoy watching graphs or numbers, there is an animated versions of most popular searches that’s quite good looking, but not so interactive.


Just click the images to get to each service.

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