Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feedly: A very simplistic Feed Reader

Since Google Reader is about to die, we are forced to look for alternatives. There are many, millions of them, but since the beginning of the end, I tried Feedly. Maybe because it was the first one appearing in my feed, or because it’s really easy to import all your GReader data to it, the important thing is that is really simple, easy, and useful.


Feedly is a RSS Feed reader that tries to fill the void that Google Reader will bring on July 1st, and in my personal opinion, I really like it. For starters, is clean, really clean: no ads, no crappy options to share flooding you, simple font, nice color scheme… really simple.

The left bar, the one showing your categories, is expandable, just hover the mouse over it to open it. The “Saved for later”  area is the “Starred” area, and “Today” is the most popular content within your feed.


It has 4 different views: Title Only, Magazine, Cards, and Full Article. You can also change the font (Helvetica or Sans-Serif), change the color of the left bar, the color of the read/unread links, and even the default language. Feedly also has all Google Reader keyboard shortcuts, making it really easy to adapt when migrating.  And the best part is that also has a search feature, which is the thing I enjoy the most of GReader at the moment.

In short, this is an awesome alternative to Google Reader and I completely recommend it. Remember that you have 15 days to choose, and that’s not much.

Link | Feedly

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