Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TweetDeck gets a complete Face Lift


Today TweetDeck updated and when launched, the interface was completely changed. Buttons, columns, and the upper bar is now a expandable side bar. The buttons are change and remapped, it’s faster, the notifications are cleaner, but without new many features.

Between the things that changed we can find:

  • It’s way faster, in general
  • The upper bar is now a side bar, that you can expand if you want
  • The buttons are no longer round or with a 3D effect
  • Columns are now numbered, and you can select them by pressing the numbers on your keyboard
  • The notifications are just nicer


In general, there are no new features that worth mentioning (if any). In general, is just a interface revamp and nothing else. Just enjoy it, it’s worth it.

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