Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now Facebook with Hashtags… really?

-- Personal opinion over here--

As I just posted, Facebook is now introducing hashtags to their service, and the first thing that cross my mind was “Are you fucking kidding me?”. I can understand that Facebook is a social network and tries to implement ways for people to socialize between them, and that’s cool and all, but Facebook is not only a social network, is now an incredible big source of spam and flood on which around 10% of all accounts are not humans, almost 5% are duplicate accounts, and 1.5% are accounts for pets.

That’s a total of 16.5%, Facebook has 1.1 Billions users (aprox), it makes around 180 million users that are there just to flood every user that follows them. “Ok, then don’t follow me“, is not that simple. See, Facebook has a “Share” button that is used a lot by users and it’s constantly clicked by users who Like every single page and share every single post.

Now, the thing with Hashtags is that they can get far, meaning that if you use it, someone will find it, someone will share it. Imagine giving that kind of power to Justin Bieber fans, or Demi Lovato fans, or One Direction… it’s scary. “Again, don’t follow me”, and I won’t, trust me, the thing I’m worried about is this:


See? I used to follow her like a normal person, but everything change when hashtags arrived. Normal users use hashtags like they should, to point a general idea on a sentence/text, or to make a trend for a product, or other stuff. But I think this kind of users (pic above) have a problem distinguishing a hashtag from a word. It’s annoying and it Facebook will now be flooded like never before.

But hey, I’m not saying that this is a bad idea, it’s “social” marketing and it’s a social network, they were late. Let me put it this way: I don’t hate Facebook, I don’t hate hashtags, I hate the users.

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