Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don’t Starve: Survive in the wilderness


Recently I’ve been playing a game called Don’t Stave. It’s a fairly new games, a few months old only, and it’s awesome. The game is set out in the middle of nowhere, you’re simple human which only job is to survive. To do this, you must collect elements from nature, such as sticks, grass, logs, and rocks, to make artifacts that will help you stay alive, such as axes, picks, shovels, a cooking pot…

The map is big, really, really big, and some resources may scarce after a while, that’s why your duty is also to plant trees, grass, and seeds so you can have a large amount of it. You can capture and kill animals to eat, also. You can even capture some bees to make a hive and have an unlimited supply of honey.

Even considering that, the game is quite dark. At night you sanity levels will go down, and if they go to low, you’ll start seeing shadows and monsters that can, and will, attack you. You’ll find pigs’ head on a stick, ritual sites, some kind of hellhounds, a lot of spiders… pretty fun.

Anyway, to play it, you can buy it on the official site,  on the Chrome Webstore,  and Steam. It’s just amazing.

Link | Don’t Starve

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