Monday, June 3, 2013

Latin American Servers for League of Legends now on Open Beta

After months of waiting, finally League of Legends (aka, LoL) is opening Live servers for Latin America players. These servers where available as a Closed Beta to some users for a couple of months and today is finally open for the rest of the players who wish to play on them.


There are two servers, LA: North and LA: South. And the transfers to these, and these only, will be free. Also, to save you some time, the launcher will automatically change your language for you (Here’s how to change the language on LoL).

To change to one of these servers you need to go to the Store > Others, and then select the region to want to be transferred to.


Anyway, the guys from LoL LA already posted a way to change the region for those who are in doubt.


Remember that the free offer won’t be there forever, so if you want to change your server, you better do it quickly.

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