Saturday, June 8, 2013

Restoring Task Manager settings in Windows 8

If you’re using Windows 8 and it happens that you PC crashed, light went out, or you unplug the power by acceding, when you re-launch the task manager you’ll see that is on it’s default settings, like this:


What happens is that when the task manager is not closed correctly, the preferences are not saved and it uses the default ones instead. To restore them, you’ll need to keep a backup to you current preferences and import them each time you need to.

To do this, open regedit. Just open the Run prompt, type regedit, hit Enter.


Go to:


After you set the task manager the way you want it, close it. In regedit, right-click on the key TaskManager > Export. Then proceed to save the .reg file wherever you want.


Now, after this, the only thing you need to do is double click that .reg file and your task manager will be back as you want it.

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