Sunday, June 12, 2016

Remember Windows Live Writer? Try Open Live Writer

TL;DR -- Here’s the download link.

So, I’m back. This was a LONG year, trust me, after a lot of stuff happening here in Venezuela, I finally managed to get an Internet connection. You may that having one like owning an smartphone and you’re done, well guess what? In here is not.

Anyway, back to the title. The first thing I was going to install was WLW, I love that small tool from Microsoft, it’s simple, easy to use, fast, has many options.... it’s perfect. So, let’s start working.

Thank God that my account isn't blocked after several hundred attempts.

Soooo, I can’t work. After a really quick search I found this:

The solution was in a Microsoft forum, btw.

In conclusion, you can’t use, or shouldn’t use, WLW because it doesn’t support many of the new security features that Google (in this case) is requesting. The same could apply to any blogging website like Wordpress...... tumblr, I guess? It was a long year, I don’t recall any blogging site right now, so let’s move on.

In that forum I found this post:

Yes, this is 2016.

This was unexpected, but quite a good news. WLW was a very old program and a new face is always appreciate it.

So, let’s see the interface.

I missed this so much.

Perfect! The exact same as before. And that’s all I have to say, and is enough with that.

Here’s the site with the download link. Download it, install it, publish.

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