Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DWS: Destroy Windows 10 Spying

This is one of those cool apps that override Windows’ crazy stuff that no-one wants. It allows you to do a lot of different stuff. Let’s see:

  • Disable Windows Update.
  • Disable Windows Defender.
  • Change the image viewer from the Photos App to the classic photo viewer.
  • Delete One Drive.
  • Uninstall all metro apps.
  • And other stuff too.

Now, according to the site, Microsoft included within W10 a bunch of spyware, keyloggers, and all that kinds of stuff, and this program disable all of that, but I don’t use for that only, I use it for the features.

It's very useful.

The app works flawlessly, and even though it takes it’s time, I’ll still recommend it to anyone who want their PC as clean as possible.

Here’s the site with the download link.

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