Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Permanently Hide The Windows 10 upgrade notification

TL;DR: the download is over here.

I don’t know who doesn’t like Windows 10. Everyone I know that have tried it , liked it. It’s way better than 8, faster than 7, and if we ignore being unable to choose which update to download, it’s basically my favorite choice without a doubt.

BUT, there are people that doesn’t like it, and won’t even try it. If you’re one of those people, there is a simple program that will disable the notifications permanently... or at least that’s what the program says it does. It’s called Never10, btw.

I can't try it, so here's a picture.

So, since I can’t try it myself, I’ll let you try it today. According to the website:

The elegance of this “Never 10” utility, is that it does not install ANY software of its own. It simply and quickly performs the required system editing for its user.

Again, try it out, Windows 10, try Windows 10, you’ll like it.

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