Saturday, August 9, 2014

Disable Facebook Video’s Autoplay

A few days ago Facebook introduced another useless feature that nobody asked nor like: Videos now autoplay as soon as you see them. Yes, they are muted, but this is still a useless piece of shit feature that is completely worthless and I hate with all my non-existent heart. So, let’s disable it, shall we?

As always, first go to Settings.


You should see that there is a new option on the left named Videos. You can click it if you want to.


And finally, switch from On to Off.


And that’s it, the changes are effective immediately. You just have read the small letters:

Note: This setting only applies when you use Facebook on your computer. Go to your phone's settings to change auto-play videos in your Facebook app.

So you need to disable this on you phone to work there.

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