Monday, July 28, 2014

New LoL Champion: Gnar

I’ve stopped playing League of Legends a few weeks ago (I’m playing WoW again and it’s even more addictive), but that doesn’t mean that is a boring or bad game. And first came the release of the cinematic, New Dawn, and now a new champion named Gnar.


What I can get about his history, that you can see here, is that a village was suddenly attacked by a monster/evil. This monster/evil was defeated by the leader of the village who then became possessed by this monster/evil and was then trapped in ice for XXX years (or at least the most I can guess).

Now he’s free and ready to fight for the League of Legends...

For those interested in more, head to the reddit thread to see what new secrets they discover.

Here’s the trailer, everyone.


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