Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mark of the Ninja

Lately I’ve been playing a pretty cool game called Mark of the Ninja. It’s not a new game, it was released on October, 2012 for the PC, and it’s one of the most cool 2D platformers I’ve played (after Super Meatboy).

Mark of the ninja

The mechanics on this game employ a lot of line of view points and a lot of sound-related actions. Meaning that, you’re a fuckin’ ninja, be quiet. Unlike Assassin’s Creed, that lately relies on killing everything in your path, in this game killing everything sometimes is the worst way to go or even boring, just don’t kill unless you have to.

Also, the ending, THE FUCKIN’ ENDING. Anyway, as always, for those like me who can’t afford, here’s a download link. But if you can, here’s the Steam link.

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