Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heroes of the Storm

Today, besides watching the ending of TLoK, another awesome thing happened: I got into HotS!

Heroes of the Storm

The game is pretty different from LoL (which is the one I previously played) and, even considering that is still in Alpha, you can have a pretty good time with it. So far I’ve played the tutorial and around 12 to 15 games against the AI; I mention the tutorial because is mandatory for beginners and quite necessary to get a quick start in the game.

So far there is one feature that I’m in love with, the ability to try champions before buying them and having “game master powers”, like this:

Heroes of the Storm

You can activate/deactivate minions and champions, rebuild the forts/turrets, level up your champions, return them to 1, or clear all your cooldowns at once. Pretty useful, if you ask me.

The thing I don’t like is the interface... it’s just too big. Look at the buttons! HUGE.

Heroes of the Storm

There are many more issues: not square monitors support, random lag spikes, random fps freezing, random game minimizing... but is Alpha, and all of these issues have been addressed in the forum already. (if you are playing the game, remember to check it out)

Anyway, so far is looking good. A little expensive (7 bucks for a champion or a skin), but it’s blizzard, and will make you money’s worth.

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