Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stream your webcam to see it through a browser using YawCam


YawCam, Yet Another Webcam software, this is a free program that, unlike tons of others, will let you easy stream your webcam to see it through your browser.

Now, let’s do this. First download and install.

Let’s configure it. First you need to select the cam you want to use.

YawCam Setting

Now, go to Settings > Edit settings. Copy your public IP and port.

YawCam connection

Now (assuming that you already forwarded the port, otherwise use this) enable the Stream option.

YawCam streaming

Go to the browser and paste the IP followed by the port, like this:


Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your public IP, and PORT is the port that the program is using.


And that’s it. You’ll receive a notification each time someone is watching you. Also, you need to keep the program running to be able to access it, so if you shut it down, no one will be able to access your camera.

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