Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Put your name (or any text) on Windows Tray Bar

So, this is your regular tray bar:

Tray bar

And if you’re a fan of customizing your account, here’s what you want:

Tray bar

Now, how to do this. First open the Control Panel and go to Language.


Then click on Change date, time, or number formats.

Control Panel

This will open a popup window, to the bottom right, click on Additional settings.

Additional Settings

Now go to the tab Time, in the AM symbol and PM symbol, put your name, or whatever you want, click Ok.


And that’s it. You did it! Now, some Q&A:

  • When will you need this? Never.
  • Why do you need this? You don’t.
  • Is this useful? Not at all.
  • Can I put “penis” in there? Yes, you are allowed.

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