Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Temporarily Disconnect your Google+ from your YouTube account

As you know, Google is forcing YouTube users to have a G+ account to comment on videos and even to rate the comments. This is a complete abuse on their part and there is no way to disable this, meaning that even if you disconnect both accounts, you’ll still won’t be able to comment or rate the comments.

Now, knowing this, if you still want to disconnect them, go to your YouTube settings and click on “Temporarily disconnect G+ page...”

Disconnect YouTube and G+.

A message will appear, just hit Ok.

Disconnect YouTube and G+.

There, both your accounts are now disconnected, meaning that you comments won’t appear on G+, nor your uploads or activity in general. The bad thing is:

Update your YouTube account.

UPDATE (11/14/2013):

I failed to notice this yesterday, you can select which account or name you want to your YouTube channel, BUT, you’ll still need a G+ account or else you won’t be able to comment.


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