Monday, November 4, 2013

Setting Global keys on VLC Player

My always favorite player lacks one of the most basic tools, easy access with your keyboard’s multimedia keys; you know, play/pause, previous track, next track, and that stuff. The problem with VLC Player is that it has two different set of keyboard shortcuts: Local (when the player is focused) and Global (when it’s playing in the background) hotkeys. What we need to do is set up our multimedia buttons as global hotkeys.

Go into Preferences, press CTRL+P.


At the bottom left you’ll see Hotkeys, click it.

Hotkeys in preferences.

Now, make sure that your keyboard keys are not being hijacked by a third-party software like Microsoft Keyboard and Mice Center, Razer Synapse, or something like that. There shouldn’t be any software between your keyboard and VLC, unless that’s what you want.

Anyway, on the Global Keys area, double click where you want to set up the global key and just press it.

Setting global hotkeys.

Save those and restart the player and presto!

PS: You can also use your Naga. You’re welcome.

Using Naga for hotkeys.

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