Friday, November 15, 2013

Choosing which videos to download on jDownloader2

So, to complement my previous post about jDownloader2, within it’s new features there is one that allows you to select an specific quality when grabbing a video.

Go to Settings (ctrl+P) > Plugins, then select the plugin of the video service you want.

jDownloader2 plugins.

In this case, I’ll go with YouTube. When you select it’s plugin, you’ll see something like this:


You just need to select the quality you want to download or give priority. In this case, I’m just interested from 360 to 1080, and that’s why I select it. Vimeo, TED, or MSNVideo, and most sites will allow you to download from Low Quality to HD.

This is useful for two reasons: the first (1) and obvious is to keep things tidy; less links = less mess. The second reason (2) is because it won’t try to grab those quality, finishing quicker than normal. Or at least that’s the idea.

You can download jDownloader2 over here.

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