Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playing MP3 files on Google Drive

Google Drive is the old Google Docs, but revamped. It has many of it’s old features, and many amazing new ones. One of my favorites, and many people are unaware of this, is that you can add apps to your Drive account; this adds extra features and files your account can edit and create.


A not so known feature is the possibility to play music files on Google Drive by adding an app. Sadly, is the only way to play music files on Google Drive. The service can be fast and work as a streaming service, but by default you won’t find this feature on Google Drive.


Music Player for Google Drive is one of the few options we have. Very simple, very clean, and even allows you to create a playlist if you want. There are other options in case you want to try it out. I’m not saying this is a substitute to actual streaming services like Spotify, Grooveshark, or Google Music. Just sayin’ that is a quick way to play music when we’re not on our PC.

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