Friday, May 24, 2013

album ripper: Download images from image hosts sites in a zip file


This is one of those web services that you must have bookmarked or at least always keep in your head. The amazing about album ripper is the ammount of image hosting sites it supports.

  • Imgur (download albums, not users)
  • Tumblr (download pages entirely, which will take a while)
  • Twitter (photos of that user)
  • DeviantArt (the complete gallery)
  • Flickr, Instagram, 4chan, photobucket…

The service, however, will only download public images, so don’t expect to be able to download an user’s private collection.

Anyway, if you don’t want to go into the site each time you want to download some images, there is a Firefox Extension for you (no Chrome, just Firefox).

Link | album ripper

1 comment:

  1. Program doesn´t work very well - too much errors, is often NOT reachable and have a lot of serverproblems. If it works it´s a good thing, but that the greatest problem of rarchives - it´s not stabile...so it is useless and a poisen sting in the ass of an armless man...sorry but this is the truth.