Monday, May 27, 2013

Not another Windows 8 activator

Lets cut to the chase. If you came here, that means that you want to activate your Windows 8 permanently, or at least until a new re-install.

This tool was uploaded by the user Aaron7pm to the 7pm Tech forums (please visit the link for info about the tool), but the site is down at the moment of typing this post. In fact, it has been down the whole day, so the only way to actually get to it is by using Google’s Cache service, just click here. Since the tool is actually free and doesn’t require you to do anything, there is no reason for me to (and I won’t) re-upload it. You have to go by yourself to the site and download it manually.


The tool is actually very easy to use. Just run it as admin, select your Windows version, click on “Insert Key”, click on “Active Windows 8”, and you’re done. No need for you to do anything else. It also has a Office 2013 activator and some other options that any advance user could be grateful to have.


Again, there is no direct download links here, if you want to download it, go to 7pmtech and do it there. You have to give credit where credit is due.

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