Saturday, May 25, 2013

FastStone Capture: The most useful software to take screenshots

Are programs to take screenshots necessary? Not even a little.

Do you need a special software to edit those screenshots? Again, not even a little.

The main problem is that Windows doesn’t offer one simple feature that most users want: The mouse on the screenshot. That’s it. That’s the only reason of the need of a third party software to take a photo of your screen. And if this is the only reason, then why download a software with a thousand tools to edit pictures? If you need this kind of program, then probably you have a photo editor software.

This is when FastStore Capture comes in. Is portable, light, fast, and takes about 512kb of RAM when running.


It doesn’t annoy you with social features, ads, special services to run, start with Windows, permanent Internet connection, or any of that crap. It just do it’s job, take screenshots. Of course, the software is not free, but guess what? Here are some serials for you to use (yes, permanent activation).

Just remember to buy or donate to keep the project running, if you want to.

Link | FastStore Capture

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